Equitable Real Estate Partners (EQUITABLE) is a fully integrated private real estate investment and development company operating in major markets across the United States of America.  Equitable integrates equity placement and capital market access with the ability to identify opportunity, manage risk and create value for our investors. 

Ultimately, it is about creating value.  Equitable creates value for its investors, lenders, tenants, vendors and employees.  We are easy to work with, smart, capable and unpretentious. In multiple markets with different asset classes across different market cycles, Equitable has consistently been able to identify opportunity, develop a business plan and execute that plan to achieve outstanding investment results.
— Allen C. de Olazarra, Chairman and CEO


Since 1993, EQUITABLE and its affiliated companies have invested in and realized on over 200 distinct transactions aggregating over $4 billion of value with outstanding results.


Senior EQUITABLE executives have over 30 years of experience in real estate brokerage, development, construction, financial services and capital markets.  Our decision makers started from the ground up in commercial brokerage and construction.  We understand what tenants want and understand how to structure transactions that will satisfy a tenant’s objectives while enhancing value in our projects and for our investors. We have the ability to quickly evaluate leasing risk and development risk with underwriting criteria that is grounded in a mastery of market conditions.



Our ability to identify opportunity is a function of experience and relationships.


We have developed life-long friendships and relationships with the leasing brokerage and construction industries. The Principals of EQUITABLE along with key EQUITABLE team members nurture and cultivate these relationships. This accounts for our ability to consistently capture more than our fair share of deal flow and deliver complicated capital intensive projects on time and on budget.

EQUITABLE also has outstanding relationships in the commercial lending, investment banking and capital markets arena.  We are equally comfortable with balance sheet lenders or a CMBS execution.  This dexterity has enabled us to develop ideal debt structures for each transaction and achieve crisp execution at closing.  EQUITABLE is well regarded as a sponsor with a solid reputation within the lending community. During times of capital market illiquidity, these relationships have enabled EQUITABLE to obtain competitive financing for transactions when others have been effectively shut out of the market.

EQUITABLE values the relationships we have with our capital partners. Given the number of transactions consummated and the dollar volumes involved, EQUITABLE has had relatively few capital partners over the years.  We strive to understand the unique blend of risk and returns preferred by each partner then seek transactions likely to achieve those investment goals.  This has generated repeat business with all of our partners and fortified their confidence that EQUITABLE is an outstanding managing member and operating partner.


As the managing member and operating partner of the transaction, we take our fiduciary responsibility seriously. Our mission is to create value, but this goal is always balanced against a backdrop of managing risk.

Our transactions are capitalized with moderate debt levels, sufficient interest, capital and leasing reserves and appropriate levels of working capital to assure sufficient liquidity.  We underwrite the credit of our prospective tenants carefully, seeking appropriate lease security when necessary. We execute an exhaustive property level due diligence process, utilizing both our own highly experienced in-house team and industry leading third-party resources.  We carefully manage our casualty and liability insurance programs with negotiated insurance contracts to provide industry leading coverage at competitive pricing levels. Managing risk is the least glamorous aspect of what we do day-to-day but one of the most critical components of our continued, consistent success during all phases of the market cycles.